a complete line of environmentally friendly products for your business

Tierney’s Wholesale Ltd. is pleased to carry a line of specialized products supporting the need for disposable packaging that is not harmful to our environment. Our ‘green choice’ focus is on products that are recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and made from renewable resources. These products are developed using the most environmentally friendly processes, resulting in reduced power consumption and manufacturing emissions.

Using recycled resources of paper and plastics, renewable resources such as sugar cane fibre, pulp, plant starch and corn products, the environmental options are many and work well for retail and food service businesses. Our intent is to meet the needs of the conscientious consumer and help renew our environment.

Food service
Cold Cups – from corn oil PLA
Hot cups - from recycled paper/corn oil PLA lining
Containers – from recycled paper fibre
Containers – from corn oil PLA
Chafing fuel – from sugar cane, non-toxic
Cutlery – from plant starch
Cutlery – from biodegradable plastic
Food wrap – unbleached, chlorine-free
Hingeware - from corn oil PLA
Hingeware – from sugar cane fibre
Java jackets – from recycled paper fibre
Napkins – unbleached, recycled paper fibre
Plates/bowls – from sugar cane fibre, pulp

Bags – from recycled paper fibre
Bags – from biodegradable plastic
Bags – from recycled plastic, polyfabric
Tissue – unbleached, recycled

Towels and bath tissue – unbleached, recycled paper fibre
Chemicals – green seal certified
Can Liners – from biodegradable plastic

3000 items and more
We have 3000 items in stock, as well as unlimited sources of supply.

Custom Logo
Have your business name and/or logo printed on any of our products.


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